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All our prices are refer to hourly rate (Labour Only), and are not comprehensive of Materials * and Parking expences(Congestion Charge & ULEZ are  add if work within C/C Area)
     Plumber & Electrician
  • Monday to Friday.                 8:00am to 6:00pm                £ 75.00   ph                                                                                                                                        £ 420.00  all day
                                                                  6:00pm to 8:00am              £ 95.00  ph

  • Saturday                               8:00am to 6:00pm              £ 95.00   ph
  • Sunday and Bank holidays   8:00am to 6:00pm              £ 95.00   ph

     Fixed Charges
  • Landlords Safety Certificate                                            £  85.00 *
  • Power Flushing    From £ 199.00 (3 Rads)  £20.00 any extra Rads **
  • Gas Engineer                                                                  £  85.00  ph


As we are very flexible, we could give you estimate on bigger jobs which will not been charge hourly but at fix rate.

* Certificate for Standard Boiler and Cooker (Extra charge for Gas Fire)
** Power Flushing prices are all inclusive of initial FREE survey and materials.

Call us for a free estimate, and then you decide, without obligation, if we can deserve your trust.

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