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We carry a wide range of service to suit a variety of needs, from leak repair to full pipe installation. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

  1. Plumbing 
  2. Drainages
  3. Power Flushing
  4. Garden Taps
  5. Landlord Certificate
  6. Heating System Upgrade
  7. Renewable!
  8. Legionella risk assessments
  9. ...........and More !!!!

Heating System Maintenance
It looks only a little "green" on top of the valve!

thermocamera shoot showing built up of sludge, needed for power flush

It's hot on the top!

Well spotted !

Two examples of sludge and sludge flakes captured inside an heating system by magnetic filter !
Imagine what this flakes could do when they try to flow through a 8 or 10 mm pipe, or through an heat exchanger that are inside your boiler.

Heating system power flush
Metal flakes in heating system

Our trained engineers and operatives, will take proud, in Power Flushing your boiler.radiators,and pipe works, for a more efficient, end economical run of your heating system Call for a FREE ESTIMATE.
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