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Signs of the times

The very common attitude, which we came accross in the last few months of our activity, is the lowest and very negative thorward home efficency, or plumbing improvement.
Talking to a director of a different company, we have to agree that majority of client, nowaday are willing to call a plumber mainly for emergency.
Out of our free services, where we provide informations, suggestions, and also how to remove causes of regular damages, we both agree that most of the customers, this days are just willing to call a plumber when emergencies arise, and not willing to evaluate the job for what it is, but only for the price offer.

Our vision of the business

Dear Customer 
Welcome to MA4 Plumbers blog page
MA4 Plumbers is a newly established company in London, to provide reliable and professional service to present and future customer.
The level of professionalism, already high, is constant, through customer relationship and regular training.
We believe very much on what we do, and we take every task very seriously.
Over the years, we came across the common miss-concept that the majority of the plumber jobs are most of the time overcharged.
This common attitude is unfortunately very popular across the country, due to the fact that many customer, have been cheated or unfairly treated.
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